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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Let's get serious

Baby pink is my new obsession for 2014.
After have had some time on my hand I have decided I want to make a style chance, sophisticated and minimalistic. I want to put focus on detail and simplistic items. Such as the black tight skirt with lace detail and the baby pink bag thats a perfect size and has light gold zippers and buttons on it. I have my eyes on a few other pieces but yes there will be many more white, gray and black items coming with the pop of baby colors such as pink, yellow and blue. This outfit was what I wore to third day of classes this semester minus the heels. But when going out for a late lunch I wanted to add a touch of adultness to my baby height. Love being able to wear skirts and shorts in January.

Minimal look 
Embodied skirt - Zara
Losa t-shirt - Vero Moda 
Black lose blazer - Hennes & Mauritz
Rose gold bag - Zara
Round glasses - From a friend
Gold jewelry - Hennes & Mauritz

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