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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Settle down.

S E T T L E   D O W N.
As far as getting settled back at home for a few weeks before the big move, my desire to go back to these stunning malls and amazing atmosphere is just growing bigger and bigger. However more adventures are about to come my way in merely eight days. I still havent grasped the fact that I will be moving and leaving home in just eight days, so surreal and exciting.
One evening whilst my friend and I were in the emirates mall in Dubai we found some of these stunning cross overs through out the mall, it just amazed me how much effort went into building a mall and how stunning people can make buildings look. This is one thing i truly cherish in life, stunning and unique buildings. They are not so common but when found so beautiful. The outfit was a bit warmer for the Dubai weather due to the execs amount of air conditioning that they have on in the mall. I chose destroyed low cut boyfriend jeans with a cropped textured sweater, which has by the way become a huge favorite in my closet for this season. To add a bit of charm to the outfit black sandal heels that actually fit my baby sized feet, and to finish it off gold jewelry for a bit of extra sparkle.

I hope you all had a magical christmas with loved ones. I have one filled of great memories and wonderful people. Couldnt have asked for a better way to spend the holidays!


Low cut boyfriend jeans - Gina Tricot
Cropped textured sweater - XXI
Strappy sandal heels - XXI 
Gold watch - Miss Selfridge 
Gold bracelet - Hennes & Mauritz

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