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Friday, December 20, 2013

Typical Hey this is me post!

Hey Everyone, so with new beginnings and adventures coming up in my life I have been having the want and need to document all my new experiences that will come my way. 

After have graduated (!!!) from high school in june, which I still cant seem to entirely grasp I am longing for the adventures of starting college in January back in the United States where I was born and lived for a few years. However I am a child of many cultures and countries, the US is mearly where it all began but no memories have truly been laid there. So this will be an exciting journey and also a scary one I must add, leaving home and moving in with three strangers will be different but oh so exciting.

So far this year I graduated high school where I studied Film , Art with a focus on photography and German. This was a huge step in my life and the change was so different from not going back to school  and starting an internship with a photographer and working full time at forever 21 which just opened a few months back in Munich. It was exciting and a new experience working a full time job and adding this whole grown up life style to my teenage mind. After my two months were up at Forever 21 where I met some wonderful people it was time to get ready for something amazing. A trip to Dubai to visit a friend! And I have to say this was a mind blowing experince.

A lot has happend in a matter of six months after graduation. And since the best way for me to understand it all and really bring it in is through photos and writing I want to share my travels and journeys with who ever wants to read it. So this is where my blog starts. Im obsessed with fashion, film, music, a great new movie as well as old, my friends and boyfriend and most of all Travel(!!). So there will be lots of these things poping up in the near future.

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