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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Palm Tree Paradise.

Palm tree, summer breeze and hot sun rays 

These are just a few things I was lucky enough to experience whilst I was in Dubai. I loved the whole experince of being there and the inspiration I got whilst there is just simply mind blowing. Now on a color summer day one of my favorite  go to items is a maxi skirt, they are so simple and airy that it just makes the feel of summer touch your skin and mood. In this outfit I chose to pair it with a tight black crop top and black studded loafers. The spice of the outfit and detail really lays on the bag, with a bit of fun colors it just adds a bit of fun and spice to it all. 
This location was just stunning right next to a busy street laid empty lots, but this one was filled with small as well as large palm trees and it was just a stunning view, maybe since I did not grow up with them or its just a mind set that palm trees belong in a life style of summer, fun and beauty with a tropical touch they are something beautiful in my eyes and I will always treasure these trees.

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