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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Into blue

A jeans button down top and knee high boots. 

these have been around for ages, I just have not had the chance to pair them together or had the inspiration to but now I am so in love with this simple outfit even though I feel like something is missing I love it. This was all shot in Munich and was my last post done in Munich, as I am now in Pheonix AZ(!!!) the big move has been made and I have seen my apartment and everything and just cant wait to finally move in on monday ! However there are many things that I will be missing such as the safety of being around town, public transportation, being of the legal age to drink and some dear friends and family and also my dogs. But now I have great things to look forward to and there will be lots more posts of what I am experiencing here and what I will be up to. So stay tuned!

Jean button up - Zara
Leather jacket - Zara
Knee high botts - Hennes & Mauritz
Black tote - Mulberry
Black jeans - Dr denim

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